Thursday, October 24, 2013

School Grades; LETS CHANGE

  Grades; What are Grades?  Well grades are the foundation of what teachers give us to score us on given items like tests, quizzes, essays, etc.  But I want us to go deep into the word "grade" and find out what the purpose of "grades" are and other things.  Let's begin...

  Grades are what teachers give when "grading" specific skills or specific rules given to a certain project or essay.  In my opinion, I think that teachers are just to lazy to give us comments and talk about our mistakes instead of writing a few things and giving a "grade" (let's say B) to reflect what the conversation.  So know the student doesn't know what to improve on but instead being told "do better next time" from a B.

  My opinion on the 100 point grading scale is that it really doesn't reflect the students real grade in school.  For example I know that teachers may take 5 to 10 points off the average grade if you turn in a project late. It think that this is very disappointing for the teachers to do because of WHAT they do, not how they do it.  The student may have had issues getting the supplies or other things so I think that the teachers should change how they take off the points because what if the student does an amazing project or essay,  they shouldn't be taken off points for that.  Instead the teachers should create different sections of grading so although the project may be amazing the teachers mark that they are"irresponsible" and tell them to improve instead of taking 5-10 points off straight away.

I think that we should switch to standards based grading system because this would help us (the students) know what kind of techniques we need to improve.  Also, the teacher would be able to give us direct comments to help us improve instead of a percentage to do all the talking.

So all in all this is my conclusion of grades.  Enjoy!!

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  1. Louka, you started off very strong (I loved your intro paragraph). Do you have a personal experience related to the examples you gave in paragraph 3? I need to make sure you truly understand SBG, and thus you needed to explain what it is in the last paragraph.